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KACE Training

For all your KACE Systems Management Appliance and System Deployment Appliance Training needs

KACE Kickstart Training is a premium service for KACE appliances, run by expert trainers and consultants, we can help a new employee through the basics, or teach more experienced staff new functionality of KACE. We are offering training delivered over the web on your system, in your environment, specific to your requirements.

Need help setting up agent provisioning? A simple 1-hour session will cover you. Want a complex Change Management Queue for your service desk? Expert consultants with years of ITIL experience will work with you to configure the SMA to your specifications.

Training for your KACE appliances helps drive the most value out of your investment. Our expert KACE trainers have years of experience covering a wide variety of training, such as:

  • Getting new staff up to speed on the system or refreshing basic knowledge of KACE.
  • Re-learning aspects of the system you haven’t touched on since your initial training.
  • Enabling functionality in your SMA you haven’t made use of yet.
  • Learning how to implement new KACE functionality.
Our In-House Trainers have been delivering KACE Jumpstart training all over the world for over 7 years, with a mixture of remote training for the official KACE Jumpstart Training scheme, and on-site consultancy in the UK, United States and Europe, meaning we are famiiar with hundreds of different customer envronments, be it health, education, marketing, defence, retail or manfacturing.
Both the Kickstart and Advanced Training products can be purchased through the links below. Once purchased, one of our trainers will contact you to define your requirements and schedule a time for your session. If you are interested in our specialized training option, or a package deal of multiple sessions, click the ‘Get a Quote’ link in the specialized section to tell us how we can build you a custom training plan.

We can help you tackle any specific challenges you are having with your KACE appliances, helping you greatly increase your IT staff’s productivity, do more with less, getting the maximum value out of your investment in KACE.

Kickstart Training

A good starting point for any new employees, or staff that need a quick recap of a certain area of KACE. Hour long sessions, in which we can cover any of the basics such as asset management and inventory, agent provisioning, appliance backups or simple reporting.

Advanced Training

When you know the basics of KACE but want to delve into more detail and learn the more complicated aspects such as Patching, Service Desk and Imaging, Hour long Sessions with an expert trainer, these sessions are excellent for catching up with new features of KACE, or for refreshing your memory on how to push the functionality of KACE to meet your complex needs.

Specialized Training

Custom tailored sessions to suit you and your businesses needs. Advanced training is a level up from the standard offerings, in which we can help plan out and implement a patching schedule to fit your environment, write complex ticket rules for your service desk, build custom image deployments for your K2000 or package software to be deployed remotely.

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